Initial Exchange Offering

Overview @ MrMoni - July 23, 2019

SmartMoni wMoniPlus

Intelligence in Every Trannsaction

The Phone Gave way to the SmartPhone

Will Money will give way to SmartMoni

The New MoniStream - Convergence



The Phone gave way to the SmartPhone

We think Money will give way to SmartMoni

We Put the "i" in Moni  & Give You More 



We create a New Type of Advertising. Instead of Trolling & Stalking. We Flip it! 

Discovery Engagement & Choices.



Finally a Social designed for Commerce. The 1st MarketSocial. Creating a  New Experience

Choices for Every Facet of Your day

SmartMoni - Intelligence in Every Transaction



Universal Branded StableCoin & Fully Backed.  It Threatens No One and Compliments Everyone



We increase the Value of Moni in Every Transaction: MoniPromos & MoniPoints. 



We provide ZeroPlus Transaction Fees and  promote People Places & Community 



We Partner with those Who Use Moni Most and Can Service it Best @ Merchants



4 Bundled Services

MoniSwap | MoniTokens | MoniFunds | MoniAssets



1st Global M2M Fin.Net. Reliable, Fast and Secure. Machine-2-Machine

Evolution & Revolution

SmartMoni w/MoniPlus

Intelligence in Every Transaction


We are More than a Network & a Token

"This is a strong offering: MTO is a better delivery vehicle. We implement a Global Architecture that can be adopted immediately. It allows each country, region or continent to adapt and evolve their own digita Monicoin n Marketl strategy. At the same time, we offer true Value-Added Services across 7 strategic platforms providing tailored services to whole markets, industry segment sand people.

  We also chart multiple and parallel paths for substantial market appreciation inside of 18 Months

6 Value bumps and very pecific Performance Benchmarks. Starting with Market Capture of  USA, then Country by Country..

We Change the Nature of Moni

Rather then a Sign of Wealth, It Increases Wealth as You Use It

Its Personal and Private, Building Relationships and Stronger Communities 


We make spending CASH or using a CREDIT CARD a BAD DEAL

Prosperity for Everyone  


A New Medium of Exchange

Universal Brand | Stablecoin | Fully Backed

Local Currency - Zero-Plus Fees - Moni-ID - Payments - Transfers - Exchange 

We Threaten No One & Compliment Everyone

Country by Country


Verification, Authorization, Moni Accounts, Moni Metrics

U-Contol - U-Monetize 

Private | Anonymous | Personal | Identity



We Put the "i" in Moni & Give You More

MoniPromos & MoniPoints w/Personal & AI SmartShopper

Powered by the MarketStream


Portfolio of Branded MoniServices  

MoniPlus, MoniExpress, MoniPay, MoniTray, MoniSwap, MoniSafe, MoniVault  

MoniBill, MoniGift, MoniAssets, MoniLoan, MoniEscrow, MoniLoan 

80 Branded MoniServices

People, Places  & Community

Prosperity is for Everyone 


We Partner with Those Who Use Moni the Most & Can Service it Best - Merchants 

Save Secure & Convenient 


Digital Monetizaation 

Certificate of Ownership w/Managed Services

Autos - Homes - Buildings - LaFd - Rurniture - Equipment


A New Type of Advertising

Discovery Engagement & Choices w/SPOT - Save Share-with-Friends, then Click-n-Buy 

CitiLife | Dining | Home | Healthcare | ProServices | Wealth | Charity | Faith | Travel | Education | Civics

Convergence:  Promotions - Social - Messaging - Commerce

Print - Internet - Mobile - Beacons - SmartMoni

5-in-1 Media Advantage



Trade for Tomorrow

MoniSwaps | MoniTokens | MoniFunds | MoniAssets

1st Market Token - New Industry Standard 


We Break the Boundaries of Blockchain 

We had a 4th layer - the Value Layer

Network - Transactions - Consensus - Value

We create the MarketStream to Feed the MoniChain to Seed the MoniCoin to Create MoniPlus 

SmartMoni + Stellar/Chain + IBM 



Fast, Reliable & Secure 

1st M-2-M (Machine to Machine) Global Financial Network  

w/Country Monetary Tools 


GoMainSt  w/PocketPlus & StreetTalk 

5-in-1 Media Advantage

Print - Internet - Mobile- Beacons - SmartMoni

Wuts New! Wuts Hot! Wuts-a-Deal & Life Events& 2 Wildcards

Discovery Engagement & Choices w/ SPOT, Save Share-w-Friends, then Click to Buy

CitiLife - Dining - Home - ProServices - Wealth - Charity - Faith - Travel -Civics

Convergence: Promos Social Messaging & Commerce w/Power of the Pin & Points of Proximity

Across the Market Stream - w/12 Markeet Segments

Choices for Every Facet of Your Day

A New Type of Shopping 

Powered by CitiLife


 COAST to COAST USA - Octobr 2019

*Initial TARGET: 785 Nat'l Restaurant, Retail & Service Chains*

3,000 Online Commerce Merchants | 18 Million Business & Org Entities

Distribution Set for 101 Metros/2,135 Cities w/98 Grocery Chains @ 13,400 Locations

The 1st MarketSocials Lift Off


Local to Global  


We Break Boundaries


We add a Value Layer and use Convergence to Create the MarketStream to Feed the MoniChain to Seed the MoniCoin to create MoniPlus. 


We Give You More


. We increase the Value of Every Transaction. We do it thru MoniPromos & MoniPoints.  We Promote Places , Reward Users and Enrich the Community  

IEO Triple Header



An opportunity to get in on Pre-ground floor  

6 VAlue Bumps over 18 Months

Pre-Launch National USA

Raising $8-30 Million



6 Months after US Nat'l Launch 

Coast to Coast w/100 Metros / 2,345 Cities

Raising $300 Million



 12 Months aftter US Nat'l Launch

Tag 995 Big Chain as Country Level Partners 

Grocery, Mobile, Convenience Stores

Raising $2 Billion

6 Value Bumps in 18 Months

All 3 Platforms Up Up Up


Money Advertsiing & Social 

SmartMoni - MoniAds - MarketSocial

Market Social USA Launch


  of GoMainSt PocketPlus USA - Coast to Coast -  100 Metros/2,345 Cities All Month Long

Market Capture


Tag 785 Nat'l Retail, Restaurant & Service Chains, 3,00 Online Commerce Sites/Key Merchant Partners

National Distribution Centers


Merge to Create National Distributorship w/Offices in 100 Metros & Coverage in  2,345 Cities

SE Asia Expansion


Expand USA Country Model to SE Asia with Key Merchant Partners - 24 Countries

Market & Partner MTOs


$234 Million Revenue Stream and Complete Partner MTO w/Merchant Partners - $2.3 Billion in Funding. 

USA Market Capture @ 6 Months

GoMainSt w/PocketPlus


The 1st MarketSocial. A New Type of Shopping w/CitiLife. A 5X PromoMatrix with 5-in-1 Media Advantage. Partnered 101 USA Grocery Chains across 100 Metros, 2,135 Cities 



We  increase the Value of Every Transaction through MoniPromos & MoniPoints. 

People, Places & Community



A New Type of Advertising. 

Instead of Stalking 8 Trolling, 

Its Discovery Engagement & Choices - 



We Partner with those who use money the most and can service it best.  Merchants in Every Community. its Safe Secure and Convenient. 



Every Employee gets a Pay Raise with MoniPlus. 

Its Value Multiplier inceases purchasing power across Retailers, Restaurants & Services. 



New Message & Streaming 

Across the MarketStream of 12 Market Segments All Driven by Promos & Commerce.  


SmartMoni IEO

SmartMoni w/MoniPlus

Market Place

The traditional Phone quickly became the SmartPhone, 

will traditional Money soon become SmartMoni?

Partners - 101 Grocery Chains in 100 Metros/2,345 Cities @14,300 Locations 

18 Month Revenue Stream $234 Million

Prosperity for Everyone

CEO - MrMoni @ Brent D. Amundson


25 Yrs in Turnkey Global Networks 

American Express  |  Citibank  |  HSBC  |  ANZ  |  Fuji Bank  |  Visa  |  MasterCard

Sale, Design, Implemented Managed Public & Private Nets for Pacific Rim

United States - Latin America - Africa - Asia 

1st Nat'l Nets for Japan & Australia  

IEO / MTO - Market Token

********  Lift Off!  *******

AUGUST 31 2019 

$8-30 Million

SmartMoni Coin @ 50 Cents + 40% BONUS - 1st $500,000

20,000,000 WAV Coins | 2,000,000 + 500,000 Bonus = 2.,500,000 MTOs

Non-Dilution 5 Star MT0 Guarantee


3 MTOs over 18 Months

$8 Million - $300 Million - $2 Billion

6 Value Bumps in 12 Months

The Goal is to Push the MTO Value UP-&-UP prior to each of next 3 MTO Stages

 All in Now -  1st Come 1st Serve  -  Prosperity for Everyone

 Charter Member of SmartMoni.Club

SmartMoni MTO - MarketToken


1. MTO - Market Token - New Industry Standard

Expanding participation and offering new pathways for multiple rewards & benefits.

Enterprises do not operate in a vacuum, they are connected to the Marketplace 

 True Value


Market Token

Perks | Bonuses| Benefits | Rewards | Pay Outs 

Member Base, Enrollment, Reserves, Rise, Seed, Share (90% Weight)

Brand - Innovation - Employees - Training – Community (10% Weight)

Charter Members, Enrollees & Partners


Member Cooperative Market Place

An Entity which is owned and run jointly by its members, who share the rewards & benefits


Verified Performance, Public Transparency, Legal Accountability, Market Affinity

MTO Index - 5 Star Rating System

True Value


SmartMoni.Club Members 

Perks - Bonuses - Rewards - Benefits - Payouts

Distribution Metrics 

SmartMoni MTO Schedule

Seed-MTO - Launch-MTO - Market-MTO - Partner/Country MTO

$500,000  (40% Discount(- $8 Million -  $30 Million  -  $300 Million  -  $2 Billion

SmartMoni - The 1st MarketToken

Example: Year 2012: $120,000 investment in Coinbase is now worth $570 Million in only 6 Years 

Market Launch 2019

SmartMoni w/MoniPlus

Design, Specs, Platforms

Storyboards & Moniboards

A Cohesive Team


3 Phase MTO 

6 Value Bumps in 18 Months

Nat'l USA Launch in

Oct 15,  2019



SmartMoni Market Plan Download



Experience & Delivery | Time after Time

 CEO SmartMoni - Brent D Amundson
- 25 Yrs in Turnkey Global Financial & Country Nets
- Networks -  Citibank | Am Express | HSBC | Bank of America | Visa | MasterCard Etc.
- Managed Global Public Net: Latin America - Africa - Asia [ 83 Countries ]

- Designed & Implemented 1st Fully Fault Tolerant Network in the World (Japan)

- Implemented the 1st Nat'l Networks for Japan & Australia


Public & Private Net Sales - Private Net Sales W. Region - Country Mgr Japan - Director of Pacific Rim 

Tymnet - McDonnell Douglas - NCR - Suntel

1. BS Finance | Economics  
   University of Central Florida
2. MBA Intl Management
   Thunderbird University of Global Management 

3. LinkedIn -

Life Purpose

  • Launching this company has been a  personal mission, it’s my Life Purpose.   
  • The 1st Global Nets were the result of new tech "Packet-Switching", ie the "Packet".. The Browser came 20 years later. Now its the "Blockchain"....Blocks. Been there done that. 
  • I attempted to do SmartMoni with the Smart Chip in 2006, had to abandon due to family.
  • It has given me a unique perspective to design SmartMoni. We created the MarketStream to seed the MoniChain to feed the MoniCoin to create MoniPlus 
  • Its Convergence: The next generation of Moni. Promotions, Social, Messaging & Commerce delivered across the digital stream with Intelligence in Every Transaction 
  • Its design is simple, elegant and breaks the boundaries of Blockchain to deliver more with Moni Services tailored to 5 MoniMarts & 10 Market Segments. 

  • Moni is now Personable
  • It changes the nature of Moni, it changes how Moni is serviced
  • It expands the reach of commerce: creates, promotes and rewards prosperity for everyone
  • Local to Global - Country by Country
  • OneWorld 

  • SmartMoni w/MoniPlus - Intelligence in Every Transaction

It's MY EXPERIENCE as you implement and work with your Partners,  Developers, Vendors and Customers, it actually turns out BETTER. Every Time. 

This is my Last & Best Network  

MrMoni  - Brent D Amundson / CEO SmartMoni

Expertise - SmartMoni Team - Goals

CEO - Brent D Amundson


MBA & 25 Years Exp Global Nets

American Express Citibank HSBC Visa MC

USA Latin America Africa Asia 


VP Mktg - Jeff Homan


MBA & 25 Years Experience 

MIS Arthur Anderson Fin & Medical POS

Los Angeles California & Tokyo Japan 


CTO - Ram Kumar


Masters & 20 Years Experience

India Germany UAE Singapore

Bangelore, India


IEO Prosperity RoadMap

Nov 1 - 2019

IEO - Launch MTO

All day


+ Event Details

Nov 1 - 2019

IEO - Launch MTO

Funding for Build-Out & US Nat'l Launch

$30 Million

All day


Oct 15 - 2019

Bump 1 - All Platforms Operational

All day


+ Event Details

Oct 15 - 2019

Bump 1 - All Platforms Operational

SmartMoni Live - GoMainSt, StreetTalk, MoniAds, MoniCaddy, & Smartmonicenter

All day


Nov 15 - 2019

Bump 2 - Nat'l Launch GoMainSt - CitiLife w/PocketPlus

All day

United States

+ Event Details

Nov 15 - 2019

Bump 2 - Nat'l Launch GoMainSt - CitiLife w/PocketPlus

Nat'l USA Launch of 1st MarketSocial w/5-in-Media Advantage 

101 Metros/2,135 Cities w/98 Grocery Chains @13,400 Locations

All day

United States

Feb 15 - 2019

Bump 3 - National Distribution USA

All day

United States

+ Event Details

Feb 15 - 2019

Bump 3 - National Distribution USA

Expansion of USA distribution from 13,400 to 22,400 Stores

Establish National Distributor in 100 Metros/2,135 Cities

All day

United States

May 15 - 2020

IEO - Market MTO

All day


+ Event Details

May 15 - 2020

IEO - Market MTO

Scheduled Round to Public & Investment Groups

$300 Million

All day


More Events


Buy In - PayPal / Visa / MasterCard

SmartMoni IEO - PreLaunch MoniPromo @ 40%


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


Seed MTO - 1st $500K is 40% MoniPromo

SmartMoni Coin @ 50 Cents  - $8 -30 Million Offering

Early Bird 40% for 1st $500K Bonus WITH 6 Value Bumps in 18 Months

Prosperity for Everyone 

20 Mill WAV Coins | 20 Mill + 5 Mill Bonus = 2.5 Million MTO

------------  Non-Dilution 5 Star MT0 Guarantee ------------

SmartMoni Gold Certificate and Coins will be ISSUED.

Join the SmartMoni.Club | 

SmartMoni Coin - MTO

Account - CEO Brent D Amundson

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SmartMoni - Intelligence in Every Transaction

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