We Put the "i" in Moni 

& Give You More

SmartMoni MTO - Market Token


Intelligence In Every Transaction

SmartMoni w/MoniPlus




MoniCoin - New Medium of Exchange 

 MoniPlus w/MoniPromos & MoniPoints via MoniAds

Local Currency, Zero-Plus Fees, Moni-ID, Payments, Transfers & Exchange

 MoniExpress - MoniPay - MoniBill - MoniAssets - MoniFunds - MoniExchange 

Personal | People | Merchants | Business | Global

One World Community Banking

Market Place

The traditional Phone quickly became the SmartPhone, 

will traditional Money soon become SmartMoni?

Prosperity for Everyone

CEO - MrMoni @ Brent D. Amundson


25 Yrs in Turnkey Global Networks 

American Express  |  Citibank  |  HSBC  |  ANZ  |  Fuji Bank  |  Visa  |  MasterCard

Sale, Design, Implemented Managed Public & Private Nets for Pacific Rim

United States - Latin America - Africa - Asia 

1st Nat'l Nets for Japan & Australia  

MTO - Market Token

********  Lift Off!  *******

Monday, March 18 - Monday, June 30, 2019 

$30 Million

SmartMoni Coin @ 40 Cents + 25% BONUS - 1st $500,000

20,000,000 WAV Coins | 2,000,000 + 500,000 Bonus = 2.,500,000 MTOs

Non-Dilution 5 Star MT0 Guarantee


1st $500K - Early Bird 25% Bonus 

6 Market Bumps in 12 Months

The Goal is to Push the MTO Value UP-&-UP prior to each of next 3 MTO Stages

 All in Now -  1st Come 1st Serve  -  Prosperity for Everyone

 Charter Member of SmartMoni.Club

SmartMoni MTO - MarketToken

 Companies do not Operate in a Vacuum, they are Connected

 True Value


Earnings - Capital - Growth

Markets - Merchants - Products - Services

Brand - Innovation - Employees - Benefits - Training - Community

Verified Performance, Public Transparency, Legal Accountability, Market Affinity

MTO Index - 5 Star Rating System

True Value Metrics 


SmartMoni.Club Members 

Perks - Bonuses - Rewards - Benefits - Payouts

Distribution Metrics 

SmartMoni MTO Schedule

Seed-MTO - Launch-MTO - Market-MTO - Partner/Country MTO

$30 Million  -  $300 Million  -  $2 Billion

SmartMoni - The 1st MarketToken

Example: Year 2012: $120,000 investment in Coinbase is now worth $570 Million in only 6 Years 

Market Launch 2019

SmartMoni w/MoniPlus

Design, Platforms,  Specs

Storyboards & Moniboards

A Cohesive Team


3 Phase MTO 

6 Value Bumps in 12 Months

Nat'l USA Launch in

August 2019



SmartMoni Market Launch

MTO Triple Header with Benchmarks



An opportunity to get in on ground floor as we build, sell and partner up. 

Pre-Launch National USA

Raising $30 Million



Main ICO after Launch GoMainSt PocketPlus USA - Recurring Revenue - $5 Million Profitable 1st Month w/25% Growth

Raising $300 Million



Partner with Those who use Moni the Most and Service it Best - SmartMoniCenters

Big Chain - Grocery, Mobile, Convenience Stores

Raising $2 Billion

Launch GoMainSt USA


Launch of GoMainSt w/PocketPlus in USA. Blanket Coverage 100 Metros 2,134 Cities w/98 Grocery Chains @ 13,400 Locations 785 Nat'l Chains: Retail, Restaurant, Services



SmartMoniCenters offer MoniServices  tailored to People & Merchants across 11 Mkt Sectors. Payments, Transfers & Exchanges

1st Year Revenue Stream


SmartMoni's successful launch in USA, with Merchant Partners sets the Standard for Global Adoption - Country by Country. 

1st Year Revenue in USA is  $ 234 Million

SmartMoni w/MoniPlus

Evolution & Revolution

SmartMoni w/MoniPlus



Intelligence in Every Transaction


We are More than a Network & a Token

"This is a strong offering: MTO is a better delivery vehicle. We implement a Global Architecture that can be adopted immediately. It also allows each country, region or continent to adapt and evolve their own digital strategy. At the same time, we offer true Value-Added Services tailored toward 5 MoniMarts, 10 Market Segments and provide Personalized Value to each transaction.  We also chart multiple and parallel paths for substantial market appreciation inside of 12 Months with 6 very specific Operational Benchmarks And we intend to do this, Country by Country.." 

We Change the Nature of Moni

Rather then a Sign of Wealth, It Increases Wealth as You Use It

Its Personal, Private, Builds Relationships and creates Stronger Communities 


We make spending CASH or using a CREDIT CARD a BAD DEAL

Prosperity for Everyone  



MoniDeposits - MoniSafe - MoniExpress - MoniPlus - MoniPay - MoniAssets - MoniFunds - MoniBill - MoniAds - MoniExchange

Personal | People |  Merchants | Business | Global

Community Banking 


A New Medium of Exchange

Local Currency - Zero-Plus Fees - Moni-ID - Payments - Transfers - Exchange 

We Threaten No One & Compliment Everyone

Country by Country


We Reinvent Privacy

Personal Avatars - Verification, Authorization, Moni Accounts, Moni Metrics

Persona @ Avatars


We Put the "i" in Moni & Give You More

MoniPromos & MoniPoints w/Personal & AI SmartShopper

Powered by MoniAds


 MoniDeposit, MoniSafe, MoniExpress, MoniPay, MoniGifts, 

MoniBill, MoniInvoice, MoniLoan, MoniEscrow, MoniFunds  



Certificate of Ownership w/Managed Services

Autos - Homes - Buildings - Land - Equipment


A New Type of Advertising

Discovery & Engagement w/Save Share Click-n-Buy vs Ad Trolling & Stalking

CitiLife | Dining | Home | Healthcare | ProServices | Wealth | Charity | Faith | Travel | Civics

Convergence:  Promotions - Social - Messaging - Commerce

Print - Internet - Mobile - Beacons - SmartMoni

5-in-1 Media Advantage



Utility Tokens - Security Tokens- Market Tokens - Asset Tokens

Market Place


MoniChain | MoniSwift 

We created the MarketStream to Feed the MoniChain to Seed the MoniCoin to Create MoniPlus

1st M2M Global Financial Network 

Security - Integrity - Speed


GoMainSt & StreetTalk 

Wuts New! Wuts Hot! Wuts-a-Deal & Things to Do  

CitiLife - PocketPlus - Weekly Billboard - Life Events - CitiMart

5-in-1 Media Advantage - Print | Internet | Mobile | Beacon | SmartMoni

CitiLife - Dining - Home - ProServices - Wealth - Charity - Faith - Travel -Civics

 Discovery & Engagement with Spot, Save, Share & Click to Buy

Convergence: Promos Social Messaging & Commerce w/Power of the Pin

A New Type of Shopping - One World Many Voices

Powered by MoniAds

------------------------------------------- COAST to COAST USA - JULY 2019-------------------------------

*Initial TARGET: 785 Nat'l Restaurant, Retail & Service Chains*

Distribution Set for 101 Metros/2,135 Cities w/98 Grocery Chains @ 13,400 Locations

The 1st MarketSocials


Local to Global  


We Break Boundaries


We add a Value Layer and use Convergence to Create the MarketStream to Feed the MoniChain to Seed the MoniCoin to create MoniPlus. 


We Give You More


. We increase the Value of Every Transaction. We do it thru MoniPromos & MoniPoints.  We Promote Merchants and Reward Users. 

Live & On Demand w/APIs

SmartMoni w/MoniPlus


We  increase the Value of Every Transaction through MoniPromos & MoniPoints. 

People | Merchants | Business | Global

GoMainSt w/PocketPlus


The 1st MarketSocial. A New Type of Shopping w/CitiLife. A 5X PromoMatrix with 5-in-1 Media Advantage across 100 Metros, 2,135 Cities w/98 Grocery Store Chains.  



A New Message & Streaming Platform across 10 Market Channels. All Driven by a Showcase for Promotion & Commerce. 

One World Many Voices



Every Employee gets a Pay Raise with MoniPlus. Its Value Multiplier through with  Retailers, Restaurants & Services. 



A New Type of Advertising. Instead of Stalking 8 Trolling, its Discovery Engagment w/Save Share Click-n-Buy.  



We Partner with those who use money the most and can service it best.  Safety service and convenience. 

The Holy Grail of SmartMoni



We offer over Moni Brands to provide Tailored Services to Market Segments



We increase the Value of Moni in Every Transaction: MoniPromos & MoniPoints. 



A New Medium of Exchange w/Local Currency. It Threatens No One and Compliments Everyone



Digital Certification of Ownership with the Tools for Management & Services



We have near Zero Transaction Fees and  promote Merchants through MoniPromos  



We Partner with those Who Use Moni Most and Can Service it Best @ Merchants

Intro Video by MrMoni


Intro to SmartMoni w/MoniPlus

CEO - Brent D Amundson 


MoniPlus w/MoniPromos & MoniPoints via MoniAds

MoniServices | MoniExpress | MoniAssets | MoniFunds MoniExchange | MoniSwift.Net

Govt's use Moni for Power & Banks use Moni for Profit. We Partner with Those Who Use Moni the Most and Can Service it Best - MERCHANTS

Our Boards - Venture & Merchant Circle

Prosperity for Everyone

Video - SmartMoni by MrMoni

Overview SmartMoni w/MoniPlus 

Intelligence in Every Transaction

Launch-MTO  |  Market-MTO  |  Partner-MTO

USA National & SE Asia Launch Create the Cornerstone for Global Expansion

< GoTo SmartMoni YouTube Channel >

MoniWorld & You @ MrMoni



Experience & Delivery | Time after Time

 CEO SmartMoni - Brent D Amundson
- 25 Yrs in Turnkey Global Financial & Country Nets
- Networks -  Citibank | Am Express | HSBC | Bank of America | Visa | MasterCard Etc.
- Managed Global Public Net: Latin America - Africa - Asia [ 83 Countries ]

- Designed & Implemented 1st Fully Fault Tolerant Network in the World (Japan)

- Implemented the 1st Nat'l Networks for Japan & Australia


Public & Private Net Sales - Private Net Sales W. Region - Country Mgr Japan - Director of Pacific Rim 

Tymnet - McDonnell Douglas - NCR - Suntel

1. BS Finance | Economics  
   University of Central Florida
2. MBA Intl Management
   Thunderbird University of Global Management 

3. LinkedIn -

Life Purpose

  • Launching this company has been a  personal mission, it’s my Life Purpose.   
  • The 1st Global Nets were the result of new tech "Packet-Switching", ie the "Packet".. The Browser came 20 years later. Now its the "Blockchain"....Blocks. Been there done that. 
  • I attempted to do SmartMoni with the Smart Chip in 2006, had to abandon due to family.
  • It has given me a unique perspective to design SmartMoni. We created the MarketStream to seed the MoniChain to feed the MoniCoin to create MoniPlus 
  • Its Convergence: The next generation of Moni. Promotions, Social, Messaging & Commerce delivered across the digital stream with Intelligence in Every Transaction 
  • Its design is simple, elegant and breaks the boundaries of Blockchain to deliver more with Moni Services tailored to 5 MoniMarts & 10 Market Segments. 

  • Moni is now Personable
  • It changes the nature of Moni, it changes how Moni is serviced
  • It expands the reach of commerce: creates, promotes and rewards prosperity for everyone
  • Local to Global - Country by Country
  • OneWorld 

  • SmartMoni w/MoniPlus - Intelligence in Every Transaction

It's MY EXPERIENCE as you implement and work with your Partners,  Developers, Vendors and Customers, it actually turns out BETTER. Every Time. 

This is my Last & Best Network  

MrMoni  - Brent D Amundson / CEO SmartMoni

GoMainSt w/PocketPlus USA

SmartMoni Team

CEO - Brent D Amundson


MBA & 25 Years Exp Global Nets

American Express Citibank HSBC Visa MC

USA Latin America Africa Asia 


VP Sales - Jeff Homan


MBA & 25 Years Experience 

MIS Arthur Anderson Fin & Medical POS

Los Angeles California & Tokyo Japan 


CTO - Ram Kumar


Masters & 20 Years Experience

India Germany UAE Singapore

Bangelore, India


Prosperity MTO RoadMap

June 15 - 2019

MTO - Launch

All day


+ Event Details

June 15 - 2019

MTO - Launch

Funding for Build-Out & US Nat'l Launch

$30 Million

All day


Augest 15 - 2019

Bump 1 - All Platforms Operational

All day


+ Event Details

Augest 15 - 2019

Bump 1 - All Platforms Operational

SmartMoni Live - GoMainSt, StreetTalk, MoniAds, MoniCaddy, & Smartmonicenter

All day


Sept 15 - 2019

Bump 2 - Nat'l Launch GoMainSt - CitiLife w/PocketPlus

All day

United States

+ Event Details

Sept 15 - 2019

Bump 2 - Nat'l Launch GoMainSt - CitiLife w/PocketPlus

Nat'l USA Launch of 1st MarketSocial w/5-in-Media Advantage 

101 Metros/2,135 Cities w/98 Grocery Chains @13,400 Locations

All day

United States

Nov 15 - 2019

Bump 3 - National Distribution USA

All day

United States

+ Event Details

Nov 15 - 2019

Bump 3 - National Distribution USA

Expansion of USA distribution from 13,400 to 22,400 Stores

Establish National Distributor in 100 Metros/2,135 Cities

All day

United States

April 15 - 2020

MTO - Market

All day


+ Event Details

April 15 - 2020

MTO - Market

Scheduled Round to Public & Investment Groups

$300 Million

All day


More Events

SmartMoni MTO Exchange


PayPal - Visa /MasterCard

SmartMoni MTO


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

SmartMoni MTO MarketToken - $30 Million

June 15, 2019

SmartMoni Coin @ 40 Cents  

20 Mill WAV Coins | 2 Mill + 5 Mill Bonus = 2.5 Million MTOs

------------  Non-Dilution 5 Star MT0 Guarantee ------------

Early Bird 25% 1st $500K Bonus WITH 6 Bumps in 12 Months

Prosperity for Everyone 

SmartMoni Gold Certificate and Coins will be ISSUED.

Join the SmartMoni.Club | 

SmartMoni Coin - MTO

Account - CEO Brent D Amundson

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SmartMoni - Intelligence in Every Transaction

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